As we offer a bespoke service it is possible to produce replicas for loans boxes, handling displays or cased displays of items from your collection, making each one unique to your own particular museum. Ideally we would like to work from originals, but we can easily work from site report drawings or scaled photographs with a clear description of materials and decorations required.

We have recently been involved in a major redisplay for Hartlepool Museum, producing items to be included in their displays as well as for handling boxes and educational days.

The pictures below show an original padlock from Hartlepool Museum together with the copy which we made as a handling example displayed with the original.



Also shown below are the Hartlepool ring (originally in gold and garnet) reproduced in brass and glass, a pair of 14th century spectacles which are used by one of Hartlepool's educators, and an Anglo Saxon buckle copied from a Norton-on-Tees grave find.


These pictures, hopefully, show the diversity of our work.  Below is a display of spindle whorls in Hartlepool Museum alongside the copy made by 6of1.


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.